Now is the time to wake up to the
epidemic of Autism!!

Autism is now the most serious developmental disability in this country. Every 20 minutes a parent is given the devastating news that their child has a form of autism, and the knowledge of the struggle they will have as a result.

Consider this, in 1975, 1 child in every 10,000 was diagnosed with autism to some degree. In 2013, that number rose to a staggering 1 child in every 67; what will the numbers be like in the coming years?

Autism is an EPIDEMIC! We need your help to find a cure and help the many children and adults that are already affected with Autism to lead productive lives.

Our main goal at Pathways Autism Cure and Treatment Inc. and the Autism Family Center of Florida is to give support to families and individuals affected by Autism. We plan to create programs to help them learn valuable skills in order to lead productive and independent lives. We are planning various cooking classes and fun social activities.

Pathways Autism Cure and Treatment Inc. and Autism Family Center of Florida are a 501 (c)3 non-profit and we have the following credentials:
DLN:17053044318022, EIN:27-3070452, DUNNS#040811290, DBA:G113000057423, Consumer Services(solicitation) CH 38256